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When the county passed an ordnance of no discharging of firearms east of 20 mile bend… we had no where in Palm Beach County to target practice or sight in a new firearm. We worked for many years to just trying to get the basic’s of a legal place to go to, the County screwed us over big time with all their false hope and smoke & mirrors. There was suspose to have been a public range next to the sheriffs range at 20 mile bend… plans and everything drawn up… they built the sheriffs range and stole the fill needed for the berms at the sheriffs range from where the public range was to be built, then the price to bring fill in for the public range was to high and killed it. Then the county said you can use the sheriffs range at limited times, limited type of firearms and limited ammunition which was bullshit! Too restrictive! Believe me this has been a LONG HARD fight to just get what we got!