Palm Beach Shooting Sports Complex: 2019 in review

Phase III construction of the Palm Beach Shooting Sports Complex, which began in 2019, is nearing completion. Project milestones for the year include completing the construction of two buildings,the administrative building and the restroom, and finishing work on the 100-yard rifle range and handgun range. A potable water plant has been constructed, and we’re close to meeting the requirements of the testing phase. Once that’s complete, the FWC can request a certificate of occupancy, which will allow us to operate the 100-yard rifle and handgun ranges on the weekends. Contractors continue to work diligently to complete construction of the 200- and 300-yard shooting lines as well as complete the final grading for the trap (including Olympic trap) and skeet fields, install trap and skeet equipment, and wrap up work on the buildings that house the throwers for skeet. In addition, FWC staff are building stations for the sporting clays course.

This project was conceived as a multi-phase, multi-year project due to the use of federal grants funds from the Wildlife Restoration Program. Breaking the project into different phases over multiple years allowed the needed funding, matching funds and spending authority to be accumulated for project completion. When finished, this state-of-the-art facility will safely support the needs of hunters, hunter safety students, and target shooters. The complex, one of the largest shooting sports facilities in Florida, will meet growing demand for target shooting opportunities with five rifle and handgun ranges; five Olympic trap fields; six American trap fields; nine skeet fields; and a 15-station sporting clays course. In addition to the Wildlife Restoration program, which brings funding to Florida from the sporting arms and archery industries and the people of Florida who participate in those activities, support and funding for the Palm Beach Shooting Sports Complex also are provided by Palm Beach County, National Rifle Association, Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, and South Florida Water Management District.

The facility is located at Seminole Pratt Whitney Road – toward the main entrance to J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area and Everglades Youth Conservation Center Camp.